Click HERE to download this guide as a PDF-File. This guide is available in three languages.

 Click HERE to download this guide as a PDF-File. This guide is available in three languages.

How to access My Portfolio

    • Use a web browser to go to my website:
    • At the top right of the welcome screen you will find the main menu buttons.
    • Click the ‘Portfolio’ button to load it. The main ‘Portfolio’ pages will be loaded.

    • Click on the two Bolivian friends to access ‘My Public Pages’.

    • On the Photo Server you will meet our two friends again.
    • Click the image to browse the underlying albums and to enjoy the images.

With more than 7500 images spread over more than 130 albums you should get a good impression of my photography and interests.

How to access My Portfolio as Registered User

Today, October 2021, my Photo Server contains over 120.000 images divided into over 550 albums. Not only personal images but also more images about concert, dance, circus, numerous travels and my publications to name just a few are available...
    • Become familiar with the general procedures described in the previous chapter.

    • Registered users can gain access via the ‘login’ button if they have a ‘Username’ and ‘Password’

     • Due to security reasons, the credentials are strictly personal and only 3 attempts are allowed before you are blacklisted.

    • After entering your login details, you will notice new albums and your username will be visible in the top right corner.
    • The available albums depend on your access rights.

What to do if I forgot my Password or want to change it

    Only for Registered User

    • Under this ‘Registered users’ button you can:
        ◦ Have access to the Photo Server
        ◦ Reset the password
        ◦ Change User Name, Password, e-mail, ...

    (1) Enter the Username and Password (1) to access the Photo Server or User Management options.
    (2) Enter Username and click ‘Forgot your Password?’

    In this case, an e-mail with a link and instructions will be sent automatically.

    • In the User Management you have the following options:

    1:    Add shortcut for programs (like PhotoStation alias Photo Server) to your desktop.
    2:    Start the program, in this example PhotoStation or Photo Server.
    3:    Chang your personal settings.
        !! Of course, it is important to remember your Username and e-mail.

What to do if I want to become a registered user

• Use the contact page and don’t forget to mention your motivation...