Rolling from 'mineralogy' into 'photography'...

After lot of experiments, practice and extensive training with the first digital camera it became obvious that more theoretical education on photography was needed. Knowledge of depth of field, shutter speed and aperture opened new horizons and possibilities. I made my first steps into nature photography. Landscapes, flowers and plants, animals and insects were of most interest.  Soon I extended my horizons and became more and more fascinated by the other facets of photography. A semi-professional reflex camera (a Nikon D200, a D300s and later a Nikon D600) gave me another vision in life.  Two projects took my attention in 2008. Egypt and a threatened polder village near the river The Scheldt, Doel. Explorations in the desert of Egypt resulted in my first portraits and Doel resulted in exhibitions, lectures and later some historical books. The camera became a third eye and followed me all over the world to photograph typical ethnic people.

Poldervillage of Doel Lost in Desert, Egypt


Now, in 2013, I think it's time to show some images in a portfolio... Earlier this year (2018) I use PhotoStation to show my work to the world.

In the late 2014 I started to publish one photo daily on my Facebook. Today (July 2018) more than 1250 different photos passed the revue and I've been asked to combine them on my website which happened earlier (links in the menu section on the left). Every photo has a story but unfortunately I can't put the description everywhere. See My Facebook Archives or left here in the menu where you can click the photo to read the descriptoin.